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"The education of the hockey player is at the forefront.  We give them the means and the ability to understand why the skills are important."

Bernie Cassell and his staff take a holistic approach to teaching skill sets to hockey players of all ages.  Players are taught to focus on their entire body for each skill.  Proper execution from head to toe allows for a more powerful and dynamic player.  All skill sets are taught and reinforced through constant, positive, feedback and corrections.  The staff will progress the students through a "simple to complex" methodology within the curriculum.  All students will begin each skill set with a simple approach to understand how and why the technique is being taught.  From there, the staff builds the drills and eventually, the skill sets are being executed at a quicker pace while the staff remains focused on the proper execution.

head to toe techniques and control to build powerful and efficient skaters-  forward and backward skating, the forward and backward stride developed from start to finish, agility and proper utilization and control of edges,  stopping and starting, turning and crossing over.

PUCK HANDLING DEVELOPMENT: proper hand positioning on the stick - puckhandling while skating forward and backward, dribbling the puck, pushing the puck while generating speed, dynamic moves and dekes, using the skates as well as the forehand and backhand on the stick blade, heel to toe moves,  toe drags, setting the opponent up for a fake, acceleration and speed control with the puck, shoulder fakes.

PASSING DEVELOPMENT: proper hand placement on the stick, proper hand pressure on the stick, activating the flex on the shaft of the stick, passing and receiving a pass on the forehand and backhand, the new technique of how to receive a pass with a composite stick, deceptive passing, passing to space, saucer passes, passing and receiving at high speeds and in traffic.

SHOOTING DEVELOPMENT: proper full body technique on all shots - the wrist shot, the backhand shot, the forehand chip shot and backhand chop shot, the snap shot and the slap shot, hand placement on the stick, activating the flex in the shaft and blade of the stick, dynamic goal scoring ideas and philosophies.




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